Meet Mhakeda – Top Client Account Rep and Future Doctor


Mhakeda is currently a 2nd year student at Northlake College and will be transferring to the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2019. She is studying Biochemistry with aspiration to go to medical school, get her PhD and open her own gynecology practice in the future.

As a full-time account representative who is consistently delivering high standards for the company, a full-time student, and a leader of various student organizations on campus, how do you juggle your busy schedule?

          “Each morning as I’m getting ready for the day, I go over my schedule and plan out my day. I visualize all the possible scenarios that can arise and how I will overcome each obstacle. This process of visualization enables me to prepare for any surprises throughout the day. I make sure I am very discipline with my time management. I have a physical and digital schedule to help keep me on track. When I’m on the go, I use my digital schedule on my phone and once I get to a stop, I use my physical one that has all my tasks written out. I make sure to get the most done during each task and not spread myself too thin so I’m not letting anything fall through the cracks.”

When you wake up in the morning, what goes through your mind?

“I tell myself positive affirmations such as “You got this! No one can determine your future but you, only you can pave the way to your future.””

What are stereotypes you have encountered as a female in the business world?

“Society has conditioned women to think we have to be submissive and only males can be the dominate one in an organization. But this is not always the right way. For every ‘alpha’ for the pack, there’s always a ‘luna’. A ‘luna’ is a female alpha. She brings structure and every organization needs structure to succeed.”

Who do you look up for inspiration?

“I look up to my mom. She is a single mom who has raised my brother and myself to be independent. As a teacher for 19 years, she taught us a lot about diversity and always encourages us to learn about new cultures and experiences.”

What advice do you have for all females looking to make a name for herself in the world?

“As a female we will be tested each day. We might have to work 10X harder, but do not let your gender, age, or circumstance stop you. Use this as motivation to rise above. Do it! Prove it to yourself and society wrong. You will feel better knowing you did it and you will be a role model for everyone after you.”

What have you learned since being in the business world and working with Trust Group?

“System do not fail people, people fail system. Must have a good system in line to ensure success. Continue to seek inputs from veterans to improve, we are never too old or too successful to learn something new.”


Happy Business Women’s Day

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Happy Business Women’s Day! Here’s to all the amazing women trailblazing a path for themselves and all females and little girls around the world. In honor of Business Women’s Day, we sat down with Trust Group’s Head Recruiter, Andrea Vasquez.

She started at Trust Group in 2015 as an entry level account representative, and over the years has taken on various leadership roles.

What is a challenge you face being a woman in the business world and how do you overcome it?

A challenge I face is having tough conversations and holding others accountable. Men can have these tough conversations, and they are respected for it. As a woman, it can come across as nagging or overbearing. To overcome this, I reached out to women in high level positions to see how they handle these conversations. I was recommended the book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. This book was very insightful and helped me become a better leader.

Being a mother is one of the greatest roles a woman plays, how do you balance being a mother and business leader?

I think the most important thing you can learn in life is to balance the different roles you play. Whether that is a parent, business professional, sibling, daughter/son, friend, or significant other; you must decide what is most important to you. Once you pick the role, it’s easier to create a balance. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, and I am a firm believer if something is important to you, you will find a way. It may not always be easy, but I am learning to think with an ‘and’ mentality. What this means is, I do not have to choose, I get to be both. I also make sure when I am working, I am focusing on work, and when I am spending time with my daughter I make sure it is quality time with her.

What are tips you would give yourself or a woman looking to start a career in business?

  1. You can do anything a man can while wearing high heels.
  2. Be bold, be confident.
  3. Do not second guess yourself.
  4. Do not allow yourself or others to fall into the “you’re a woman mentality”. Let your skills and work ethic build your reputation, not your gender.

What are common mistakes you see females make and your advice to avoid these mistakes?

A common mistake I see women make is categorizing themselves as “women” in the workplace instead of simply another human to leverage themselves on the same playing field as their counterpart. And thinking in order to be polite in business, we must be passive. We need to speak up and have our voices heard to be leaders.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years, I see myself running an amazing organization, enjoying life with my daughter, and getting to check a few things off my bucket list.

Do you have a morning routine to set yourself up for success each day?

I have my routine set up the previous night. I plan what to wear, pack lunches, and clean the house. I wake up and everything is ready to go, I am ready for the day. It is important to have an easy morning, so I can focus and breathe through my tasks.

What made you decide to start a career in business? 

For me company culture is a huge thing. I never want to wake up and feel miserable going to work. I was fortunate enough to find a company full of people who are positive and motivating but also competitive and understanding. Throughout my 3 + years with the company I have grown professionally, personally, and created some amazing relationships.

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We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

The team at Trust Group attended our annual National Conference held right here in Dallas this past July.

We had so much fun networking, learning new industry skills and took home tons of awards and recognition.


Team members who were recognized includes Andrea Vasquez. She earned the Promoting Recruiter Award and was selected as a VIP attendee for her stellar recruiting results from this past year.

Valetine Ehonwa was award the Campaign Pacesetter for our Spectrum client for his quality in sales out of the entire nation!

And our very own CEO, Adrian Hyde, took home quite a few awards himself. These include the Rising Star, Consistency Manager of the Year Nominee, and Most Improved Manager of the Year.


Are you attending a conference soon or looking to brush up on your networking skills?

Below are top tips from our team members on how to stand out at networking events.

  1. A smile is your best accessory. People will gravitate towards you naturally if you’re smiling.
  2. Be genuine in building relationships and contacts for the long term and not just for the immediate gain.
  3. Be yourself. People are more interested in the real you.
  4. Have fun! Everyone is nervous at conferences, but the more fun you have the easier it is to meet people.



What Two Decades in Sales Has Taught Me.

What Two Decades in Sales Has Taught Me.


Photo Mar 19, 11 30 26 AM.jpg

What two decades in sales has taught me.

I got into sales by accident. I was a sports management major in college and never thought I would be in sales. During college, my first job was with Terminix. My job duties were anything but glamorous. I spent my days crawling into small dark spaces to eliminate rotten and creepy crawlers. Then one day, unexpectedly, the head pest control technician left. Here was my chance to step up. In between jobs, I found myself striking up conversations with surrounding neighbors about free home inspections. By simply forming these relationships with people, I made my first sale. After that, I was hooked and became one of the best sales rep for the company.

Why is it when most people hear the word ‘sales’ and they run for the hills? No matter the career path we choose, we are all in some sort of sales. For example, as a server promoting food items, as an entrepreneur pitching ideas to investors or even as a doctor getting more patients. Even at the bar trying to ‘sell’ ourselves to the pretty girl at the other end. And when we go on job interviews and pitch our qualifications to potential employers. The biggest misconception with sales is you must be dishonest or unethical to get ahead. But, the best salespeople are the complete opposite, they are honest, likeable, great listeners and put their customers first.

Fast forward 20 years, I am still in sales. Here are the biggest lessons I have learned along the way.

Lesson #1: Rejection is part of life. No matter how hard we try, we cannot hide from it. Although no one likes hearing “no”, it translates to ‘next’. What can I do to improve the process in order to get a ‘yes’ the next time? This mentality of not giving up and focusing on improving enabled me to thicken my skin. Now I am fearless in conquering any challenges. The next time you hear ‘no’, do not simply give up, find a way to improve your skills in order to reach your desired results. You can not beat the person who never gives up.

Lesson #2: Self-confidence is the foundation of success. Customers do not buy the product or service, they buy because they like you. If you want a management or leadership role, you must build self-confidence. A great way to practice self-confidence is to stand tall with your shoulders back, look people in the eyes, smile and make sure to speak up. Self-confidence empowers great leaders to make tough decisions and reassure their team, which are crucial in life and business.

Lesson #3: Great relationships are formed through great communication. In an age where everything is communicated through texts, and emails, we are losing the art of communication. Sales requires us to strike up conversations and build genuine relationships. A major part of effective communication is listening more, talking less, and reading people. People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. When conversing, listen with intent and seek to understand the other person’s point of view. The more genuine relationships we build, the bigger our network, which will open more doors.

Lesson #4: Hard work beats talent every time! Sales is a numbers game. Keep working hard, do not give up, you will hit your goals. Sales reps are some of the hardest working professionals you will meet. They are ready to go above and beyond to hit their goals. The success equation is simple, the more you put in the more you get out. Be the first one in, and the last one out every day.

Lesson #5: A positive attitude is everything. Sales reps are human too, we have tough days. But what separates the best reps from the rest is maintaining a positive attitude. We know we will come out on top by staying positive and patient. Ways to achieve a positive attitude include smiling more often and demonstrating daily gratitude. When we see life in a positive way, positive things will happen.

Before you decide if sales is the right fit for you, realize it will prepare you for professional and personal challenges. I’m grateful I accidentally got into sales two decades ago. As an entrepreneur now, I continue to use the skills I have gained to help my team succeed. For those interested in working in a sales-driven environment, my biggest advice is to give it your best and enjoy the process. You will be glad you did.


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The Leading Men of Trust Group

The Leading Men of Trust Group

Meet the leading men of Trust Group. These gentlemen have been putting in the effort day in and day out and are recognized by their peers as not only pace setters but as true leaders. Way to go guys!

Photo May 12, 11 43 03 AM_preview


Valentine was born in Nigeria but moved to the United States and grew up in Maryland. He graduated from Texas Southern University with a BS is Computer Science. Prior to joining the team at Trust Group in August 2017, Val worked at Mckesson Pharmaceuticals as an IT administrator. He is known as the comedian in and out of the office, loves to play basketball, tennis and go on road trips.

“I love coming to work in a fun environment with vibrant people who all have one common goal, to become successful entrepreneurs.”

Val’s biggest joys are to teach, train, and develop others on everything he has learned in our business, so they too can be successful. His goals for the future include becoming a proud entrepreneur and expand into new markets with our firm.

Life Motto: Always set a HIGHER standard for yourself and believe in your abilities to do great.



Darius is originally from Kenya, but this world traveler has gained great multicultural exposure throughout his life. Darius went to college in Australia at Edith Cowan University ECU. His professional background includes real estate while living in Dubai and management of two Shell locations while in New Jersey.

Since his start in our firm, Darius has gained experience in recruiting, training, team development, public speaking, and sales.

His interests consist of: flying private planes, ski diving, travelling, sales, driving, music, and shopping.

Darius’ goals are to be in a leadership role, help the people around him, achieve financial freedom and own various properties worldwide to continue his world adventures.

Life Motto: Always leave a positive impact everywhere you go with an exceptional sense of responsibility, high enthusiasm and dedication to your work.



Mark is a Texas native and graduate of University of North Texas. He started in our firm in February 2016. Before starting with us, Mark held various supervisory roles in retail management. His favorite thing about working with our firm is the positivity, from the positive people to the positive atmosphere.

In his down time, this techie loves to fidget with electronics, build computers, play video games, and hang out with his family.

Despite having previous management experience, Mark wanted to further develop his skill set and become more well-rounded. He has been able to strengthen his training, public speaking, and communication skills.

His personal and professional goals are to pay it forward by providing the same opportunity that has been presented to him and have financial freedom to take care of his family and himself.

Life Motto: My word is my bond. If you can’t promise, dedicate or commit, then don’t say it or promise it.



Ghulam is from Pakistan but came to the United States in search of better opportunities. When he’s not hard at work, he loves to spend his free time with his wife, family, and friends and listening to motivational speakers.

Although he came from a sales background while working with an architecture firm, Ghulam wanted to advance not only his sales skills, but leadership, relationship building and communication skills.

He loves the lively company culture, the genuine people, and chance to motivate and impact the team. His dedication and effort has helped him gained self confidence in himself and his public speaking ability.

His future goals are to complete his masters degree in telecommunications and become a successful businessman.

Life Motto: Believe in yourself.


Photo May 12, 11 40 48 AM_preview

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Top Recognition for a Top Leader – Congrats Valentine!

Top Recognition for a Top Leader – Congrats Valentine!

Recently, at our 2018 Spring Leadership Conference, we had the opportunity to recognize our very own Valentine. He was awarded top recognition for exceeding our client’s sales goals and exemplifying characteristics of a true leader. He is constantly demonstrating a great student mentality, willingness to help the team, and relentless work ethic. His outstanding stats have also earned him the opportunity to travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan to pilot a new marketing campaign for our client. Trust Group was able to sit down and catch up with this rising star.

Val Ehonwaval2

val3   Photo Mar 19, 10 16 57 AM_preview

Where are you from?

I am from Nigeria, Africa, but I was raised in Hyattsville, Maryland. Later, I moved to Texas with my mother and siblings.

Where did you go to school?

I graduated from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas with a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Nickname – if you have one?


Favorite food?

I looooove rice!

When did you start with the company?

I started working with Trust Group in August 2017.

What did you do prior to working with Trust Group?

Prior to working with Trust Group, I worked at McKesson Pharmaceuticals as an IT Administrator.

What attracted you to the company?

What attracted me to Trust Group, was the culture, the environment, and the level of professionalism throughout the office.

Three things you cannot leave home without?

My keys, my wallet, and my phone.

Guilty pleasure?


Coffee or tea?

Definitely, coffee!

Book(s) you’d recommend?

Who Moved My Cheese? and One Minute Manager, both by Dr. Spencer.

Some fun facts about you?

I am a comedian in my own right because I think I am funny🤪, I love playing basketball, tennis and taking road trips!

Motto you live by?

Always set a HIGHER standard for yourself and believe in your abilities to do great.

Person that inspires you to be successful and why?

My mother inspires me. As a single mother who worked multiple jobs to raise, educate, mentor, and inspire 4 kids to be whatever we want to be by first believing in ourselves, working hard, and trusting in God.

What are your personal goals for the future?

My goals are to succeed beyond measure, to teach and inspire others who come after me to dream BIG and believe in themselves. I will do so, by consistently working on my SMART goals to attain a greater purpose.

Favorite thing about working with Trust Group?

I love coming to work in a fun environment with vibrant people who all have one common goal…”TO BE SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS. ”

What skills have you gained while working with Trust Group?

I have learned to commit daily to my personal and professional goals. I have also gained incredible leadership skills.

What do you think attributed to you being selected as a Top Leader?

My work ethic, my enthusiasm, and my personality.

Message to your team?

Success has no end, so when hit your goals, set bigger goals. BE AMBITIOUS.

What are your professional goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to be a proud entrepreneur and manage my own branch location. I want to teach, train, and develop others on everything I have learned in this business, so they too can be successful.

What advice would you give someone embarking on this career path?

Come in daily with a mindset ready to learn, be hungry for information, have a student mentality, stay focused on your goals, and understand your WHY.

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Trust Group Takes Over Tulsa

Trust Group Takes Over Tulsa

It’s official, Trust Group Inc. is expanding to Tulsa, Oklahoma. On Monday, March 19th, 2018, our team celebrated the highest achievement someone can reach in our firm, Jacob’s promotion to Management.

Photo Mar 12, 10 14 17 AM

(Jacob looking extra studly for his promotion)

We are overjoyed to share Jacob’s story and accomplishments as he embarks on a new adventure. Jacob started in our firm in 2016 as an entry level account representative learning the basics of sales and marketing and worked his way up our Management Training Program. He grew up in Marfa, a small Texas town, where he developed a competitive nature from playing football, basketball, baseball, and track. In 2015, Jacob graduated from The University of North Texas with a degree in Psychology. After college, he joined the Global Outreach Group and travelled to Costa Rica to establish a family camp program, the Campamento Roblealto, and took on various aid projects. His passion for helping people, coupled with his work ethic and infectious positive attitude are characteristics our president, Adrian Hyde, noticed right off the bat.

Photo Mar 13, 3 01 03 PM

(The expansion crew: Isell, Tre, Jacob, Jason, Elizabeth)

Growing up Jacob’s father instilled two life lessons, which guided him throughout his journey at our firm, “No matter what you do, you be the best at it!” and “Never forget who you are.” With these two lessons in hand, Jacob demonstrated a relentless attitude in not only attacking his goals but making sure he helped everyone reach their goals. We believe in winning as a team here at Trust Group. At our celebratory party, Adrian spoke of Jacob’s ability to help people understand their “why” and purpose in life. These distinctive traits attribute to what makes Jacob a true leader and why his crew will follow him anywhere.

He will be leading a talented crew, Tre, Jason, Isell, Ernest, and Elizabeth to represent a new client in our portfolio.  We are ecstatic to see this expansion crew accomplish major milestones, as they conquer Tulsa. Jacob’s new goals include providing the same opportunity given to him, expanding and representing a client overseas, and starting a nonprofit organization to continue impacting as many lives as possible.




(Jacob with Executive Recruiter: Andrea and President: Adrian; Receiving his award; Special thanks to his wife; Parting gift of Wild Turkey; Fun with the crew)

This promotion celebration was bittersweet, full of happy tears, laughter, fun field stories, and countless best wishes. We will miss his entertaining beat-boxing, funny jokes, and big ole smile, but here’s to crushing new goals and dominating Tulsa!

Photo Mar 19, 11 24 07 AM

(Amazing Trust Group Team)

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