My internship with Trust Group was one of the best things to happen in my professional life.


Congrats to Averi Gibson for winning the top intern spot for 2016!

Averi will be graduating May 2017 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Business Administration.

Here’s what she has to say about her experience working with Trust Group this summer.

“My three month summer internship with Trust Group was one of the best things to happen in my professional life. The other employees are so encouraging and passionate about the opportunities that lie ahead. Leadership is intertwined in everything that we did in the office and in the field. I was nervous coming into a internship revolved around sales when I had no experience. One of the amazing things about Trust Group is that I didn’t need any experience but I was still able to excel and succeed. All you need is a student mentality and a drive to understand your opportunity. This internship helped me grow professionally and personally. I came out of the summer with twice as much confidence and half as many worries about what I would do after I graduate. Another thing that I loved about Trust Group was that I wasn’t treated any differently since I was an intern. I had to work just as hard and even got the opportunity to interview and hire! I was pushed to my full potential and I would recommend this internship to anyone looking for a rewarding experience! ”

We are so sad to see her leave, but know she’s off to accomplish great things and excited to have her back after graduation.

Jet setting across the country

One of the best perks working at Trust Group Inc is the travel opportunities.

Our top representatives, Jacob, was asked by our client to help with training for our sister office in Raleigh, NC. Who could turn down a free trip to such a cool city? Here’s what Jacob has to say about his experience.
1.) What was your favorite part about your trip?
I love simply seeing how much everyone in that office truly enjoyed the process! Proper expectations were set from the beginning, as well as emphasizing the importance of building relationships.
2.) What did you learn?
“What gets measured gets improved.” I thought about how professional and intentional that statement was and it taught me the importance of keeping track of all my numbers. Not just in the field, but with interviewing and training as well.
3.) How did the experience help you?
Since I started with Trust Group Inc. I have always been a part of a large office. So having the opportunity to be a part of a smaller office and watch how it operates truly showed me the importance of A) setting expectations all around and B) having and DISPLAYING a positive attitude in the office.
I saw how important it is to create a positive environment in a small office!
4.) What cool things did you get to do on your trip?
The guys up there were so hospitable and great to hang out with! I was always invited into someone’s home to watch the NBA playoffs or head to downtown Raleigh and checkout different restaurants and venues! I loved the whole experience both professionally and personally!