2019 has been off to a fantastic start with the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Florida to attend our Annual Kick Off Conference. Our team had a blast networking with top leaders in the industry, catching up with new and old friends, and celebrating major milestones and achievements from the previous year.

This year’s theme is ‘plant the seed of success’. In planting the seed of success, we need two critical elements to ensure prosperity: ideal soil and nutrients. The soil condition is important since it’s the environment we choose to surround ourselves. It should be positive, nurturing and motivate us to greater altitudes. The nutrients are the supplement we nourish ourselves with daily such as knowledge, mentorship, a healthy lifestyle and challenges to help us improve personally and professionally.

When asked about his favorite part from the conference, Adrian mentions “Seeing all the award winners being recognized for their hard work. Nothing is given, it must be earned.” “My favorite quote from the conference was ‘Seeds grow in the dark. No one is around to high-five or praise it, yet it continues to push through the barrier in order to sprout.’ This simply means, for success to happen, we must first develop ourselves when no one is watching.”

Andrea’s take away from the conference was “There are four seasons to planting seeds. Some of us might be going through winter, despite things being barren; know that spring is coming and don’t give up. Spring is when everything starts to bloom. We start to see some of our hard work come to fruition. By summer, things are humming and vibrant. We are at the height of our success. Then comes fall, where we can finally harvest and enjoy the fruit of our labor. But remember winter is around the corner again so we must stay humble and make sure to plant our seeds for another season.”

Our team is excited to implement all the great lessons from the conference and ready to accomplish major goals this year. We are committed to having a ‘No excuse mentality’ this year. We will expand into three additional markets, provide promotions for all team members, and bring on new clients. Watch out 2019, Trust Group is coming for you!


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