Happy Business Women’s Day

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Happy Business Women’s Day! Here’s to all the amazing women trailblazing a path for themselves and all females and little girls around the world. In honor of Business Women’s Day, we sat down with Trust Group’s Head Recruiter, Andrea Vasquez.

She started at Trust Group in 2015 as an entry level account representative, and over the years has taken on various leadership roles.

What is a challenge you face being a woman in the business world and how do you overcome it?

A challenge I face is having tough conversations and holding others accountable. Men can have these tough conversations, and they are respected for it. As a woman, it can come across as nagging or overbearing. To overcome this, I reached out to women in high level positions to see how they handle these conversations. I was recommended the book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. This book was very insightful and helped me become a better leader.

Being a mother is one of the greatest roles a woman plays, how do you balance being a mother and business leader?

I think the most important thing you can learn in life is to balance the different roles you play. Whether that is a parent, business professional, sibling, daughter/son, friend, or significant other; you must decide what is most important to you. Once you pick the role, it’s easier to create a balance. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, and I am a firm believer if something is important to you, you will find a way. It may not always be easy, but I am learning to think with an ‘and’ mentality. What this means is, I do not have to choose, I get to be both. I also make sure when I am working, I am focusing on work, and when I am spending time with my daughter I make sure it is quality time with her.

What are tips you would give yourself or a woman looking to start a career in business?

  1. You can do anything a man can while wearing high heels.
  2. Be bold, be confident.
  3. Do not second guess yourself.
  4. Do not allow yourself or others to fall into the “you’re a woman mentality”. Let your skills and work ethic build your reputation, not your gender.

What are common mistakes you see females make and your advice to avoid these mistakes?

A common mistake I see women make is categorizing themselves as “women” in the workplace instead of simply another human to leverage themselves on the same playing field as their counterpart. And thinking in order to be polite in business, we must be passive. We need to speak up and have our voices heard to be leaders.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years, I see myself running an amazing organization, enjoying life with my daughter, and getting to check a few things off my bucket list.

Do you have a morning routine to set yourself up for success each day?

I have my routine set up the previous night. I plan what to wear, pack lunches, and clean the house. I wake up and everything is ready to go, I am ready for the day. It is important to have an easy morning, so I can focus and breathe through my tasks.

What made you decide to start a career in business? 

For me company culture is a huge thing. I never want to wake up and feel miserable going to work. I was fortunate enough to find a company full of people who are positive and motivating but also competitive and understanding. Throughout my 3 + years with the company I have grown professionally, personally, and created some amazing relationships.

To learn more about Andrea, visit our website or keep up with her on our Instagram and Facebook.





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