Trust Group, Inc is excited to announce we are a Best and Brightest company to work for in Dallas!

We attribute our amazing company culture to this prestigious award. How did we create such an amazing culture?

First, we make sure we have the right team members, then we add in cool factors like an arcade room, putting green, foosball table, and a few slices of pie. Here are some pictures from our Game Night we hosted at our office. Our team members enjoyed playing Uno, Heads Up, poker, foosball, hole in one, and old school arcade games. We had a blast!!!

But how does playing a quick game of Ms Pacman or foosball lead to success? We believe that when people enjoy what they do they naturally perform at higher levels. These “games” might seem insignificant to some, but they get the blood pumping and increase the competitiveness in the room. In the end, this yields higher performances and results.

We know company culture is not all base on just playing games, so we make sure we provide an environment where we work as a team to provide excellency for our clients, customers, and colleagues. We encourage our team members to work together as well as individually to set and meet daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Goals that will challenge each team member to grow and develop professionally and personally.

With growth as a major component at our firm, our goal is to expand into three additional markets. Here’s to another incredible year for 2018!!!

22308769_784599371735344_8066498777685756951_n.jpg 22228162_784599341735347_626551029997437483_n.jpg

22308721_784599631735318_4288062770071802293_n.jpg 22279376_784599415068673_8884564346552674558_n.jpg

22196347_784599258402022_429516447183362623_n.jpg 22195990_784599598401988_8804244634771320329_n.jpg

22195943_784599175068697_2609832233498491147_n.jpg 22195490_784599608401987_4251574752285158085_n.jpg



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