Graduation has come and gone, you have racked up 1000+ hours on Netflix, your graduation tour has come to an end, and now your parents are giving you the stink eye. “How’s that job hunt going little Johnny?” translates to, “When are you moving out and paying back all the tuition money I have invested?”.

Now is the moment you have been dreading since May, ADULTING! Why me? Why now?

Have no fear. We are here with helpful tips on how to land the perfect opportunity here at Trust Group or anywhere.

Tip 1: Make sure your resume is on point.

This does not mean you must learn graphic design, spray your resume with perfume or write a novel with everything you have done since the 9th grade. Do make sure you highlight your strengths, include relevant experience pertaining to the desired position, and focus on the results you can bring. Top key words that will stand out to our hiring team includes: communication skills, leadership, student mentality, and competitive drive. Double, triple, quadruple check for any typos and grammatical errors. Nothing will get your resume disqualified faster than these distractions.

Tip 2: Study up on the company.

Take the time to read up on the company and on the interviewer when possible. Learn as much about the company’s culture, history, and future goals. If the company is taking the time to interview you, make sure to return the favor by planning and preparing for the interview.

Know the answers to these basic interviewing questions:

  1. What attracted you to our company?
  2. What separates you from other candidates?
  3. What are your career goals?

Tip 3: Dress to impress.

If the job interview requires black tie and tuxedo, make sure you have your best penguin suit ready. Luckily for us and most companies, we only require business professional. You only have 30 seconds to make a great first impression; do not spoil your opportunity because you did not iron that shirt or too lazy to put on a tie. Look on the company’s website to gain a sense of the company’s dress code and culture. Some companies are very laid back and dressing trendy is acceptable. Rule of thumb, it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

Tip 4: Timing is key.

If you are in the military or grew up in a military family then you are familiar with the saying, “If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time you are late.” This is also true in the interviewing process. But how early is a good measure? 10-20 minutes is a safe bet. This gives you time to find parking, locate the office, fill out necessary paperwork, and gives you extra time to ease the jitterbugs. If you know you are going to be late due to traffic, make sure to call and let the interviewer know. People do not mind negatives, they hate surprises.

Tip 5: A smile with that firm handshake please.

My dad always says, “You can tell a lot about a man by his handshake.” Is your handshake considered the hand crippler, the limp fish, or just perfect? Along with a firm handshake, make sure to smile and maintain eye contact. Body language is half of the communication process. Smiling and eye contact convey confidence. Whether you are interviewing for a sales position or not, candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal skills will stand out more to interviewers.


This will sound cliché, but we want to get to know YOU and what it will be like to have YOU on our team. Show us your personality. We are interested in getting to know you on a personal level, what drives you, what makes you tick, and if your personality will match our team dynamic. At Trust Group, we pride ourselves on our fun and energetic environment. We are not expecting a stand-up comedy show, but it is okay to laugh and have fun during our interview.

We hope this helps during your job hunt. We understand it is a nerve wrecking experience and we appreciate each candidate’s time and interest in our company. As we continue to expand into various markets, we are constantly seeking top candidates who are driven, dedicated and entrepreneurial minded to grow personally and professionally within our business.  May you be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


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