Sorry for the long wait since our last post. So many remarkable things have happened over the year so hang on tight as we get you caught up on the AMAZING year here at Trust Group.

Biggest news by far are the two assistant management promotions we had for Adam and Jacob. These two studs have worked so hard and have been such notable examples of hard work, dedication and leadership. Both will be expanding into new markets before the end of 2017 and we cannot wait to see all their upcoming accomplishments.

17103657_664943443700938_1655446170271120597_n.jpg  17553845_674196982775584_8325025358403507591_n.jpg17522768_674197019442247_4783288685144715030_n.jpg

With these two promotions, we have expanded tremendously and moved into our beautiful new office space. We now have a huge conference and training room, an ARCADE for our colleagues to kick back and play some foosball, Miss PacMan and old school Street Fighter. There is a putting green area to practice our swing and have coaching opportunity with our team. We hosted our yearly Operation Smile fundraiser back in May. We love raising awareness for this wonder organization and funding mission trips and surgeries to help children with cleft palate and lips.

19105583_719939548201327_2458644460335338754_n.jpg  18622492_709546562573959_3436580005657538451_n.jpg



We traveled to Atlanta, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Lake Tahoe, Austin, Los Angeles and Cabos. Phew, that’s a lot of travelling. Yet we can hardly wait for our next big trip to Dominican Republic in October! Yup, you read that correctly, our management team will be soaking up the sun in beautiful Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock Resort.


Of course we had a lot of fun throughout the year too! A team that has fun together, wins together: Maverick games, Holiday office party, kick ball, brunching and Top Golf to name a few. 16730609_653113361550613_8358804617758508030_n.jpg

15492365_616848871843729_6006129459907426932_n.jpg 19430157_729656437229638_5369187412239798085_n.jpg

17862434_685669168295032_8634998966649349366_n.jpg  16195553_641391169389499_6514685206920836806_n.jpg




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